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Okay, Taeyeon agreed. She stood abruptly, throwing down enough money to cover her coffee and Hyoyeons meal. Its on me. I gotta run, I have a schedule. Arms folded across Hyoyeons chest; she sat back.

Of course you do. Taeyeon looked out the window for a moment and then smiled tightly at her old friend. See yousee you tonight. Taeyeon sat in the recording studio, listening to the mastered version of the last song she had recorded. She had heard it thirty or forty times, mastered, by now.

It was settling into the grooves of her brain. She looked at her phone. She swallowed hard and began to diligently scroll through each one. There was no way she could reply to each and every one. There was a pang of guilt associated with each and every attempt at communication from people she loved, attempts that had gone ignored. She sighed, rubbing her temples. She continued scrolling up until her finger landed on a name that she knew she hadnt seen in her texts list for three months.

Let me know! She sucked in a sharp breath. The message was five days old. She continued scrolling until the name, the familiar heart shape, appeared again. This was from three days ago.

Maybe we could have dinner the night I get in? Or just drinks, knowing you, kekekeke. The next one was from the day before. Jessi says youre pretty busy lately, so Im guessing dinner or drinks wont be possible? I miss you a lot, TaeTae. Its hard to talk like this. Thats why I didnt text you before.

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Im in Seoul! Hey, havent seen you in group chat, by the way. The rest of the girls are there. Anyway, let me know if you want to hang out today, otherwise Ill see you tomorrow. The next one was from the previous night. Taeyeon suspected it had come in when she had pressed Lee Kiyoung up against the door of her apartment, her hand snaking underneath her skirt. Guess Ill see you tomorrow night? Jessi says you havent touched base with her but that she doesnt think youd miss it.

Please come? I miss you so much. I have so much to tell you. Youre not ignoring me, right? That was the last one. There was a string of messages from her manager, a few from the other girls. She replied to the ones from her manager, confirming schedules and appointments. The mastered version of her song picked up its loop for the fourth time. She read the last message from the little heart shape one last time. Her eyes traced the words. It wasnt until the song picked up to loop for the fifth time that she managed to press reply and type out a message.

See you tonight, Fany. Taeyeon twirled her pen distractedly between her fingers. Looking across the mic, she met Juhyuns eyes and smiled at her. Juhyun smiled back; Taeyeons heart swelled. Seo Juhyun was someone she would never tire of staring at.

She was graceful in ways that defied language. Taeyeon loved her very much. When the commercials ended, Taeyeon plugged her headphones in again. Taeyeons Late Night Radio picks up the second half with a guest that Late Night listeners should hopefully be very familiar with, unless they want to make me angry.

This is a person who is so cute, you instantly want to take care of her, yet someone who is so bright and mature, you can feel only frustration that she wont let you.

In the studio with me is Seohyun, please welcome her. Juhyun leaned toward the mic to introduce herself.

Taeyeon watched her attentively; it was second nature at this point. Every word and syllable was a reflection of nine different people. Seohyun sshi, she said, the term dripping with such forced formality that Seohyun laughed. We know each other pretty well, right? Mmm, Juhyun agreed. I think we are familiar with one another. Yes, Seohyun and I have worked together in the past, Taeyeon joked. Im Seohyuns fan. Yes, Taeyeon said distractedly, looking down at her script. Thats why I invited you.

Seohyun, I wont beat around the bush, because youre a guest that truthfully, regular listeners should really know a lot about you, since I talk about you a lot. So Ill ask the question I think everyone wants to hear the most. Since youve released your first solo album, many people, I think, are curious about the answer to this question.

Especially since the album is doing so well, and the song had an all-kill on music charts, so certainly a lot of people are wondering about this question.

The question iswho is your favorite member of Girls Generation? For the first night in many, Taeyeon wrapped two hours of radio without a headache.

The mixture of Juhyuns company, the vibrant atmosphere in the booth that night many of the writers were Seohyun fans , and the vitamins and water Juhyun had brought Taeyeon before the show started not only relieved her of the tension in her head, but did the trick of allowing her to forget about the mounting anxiety of that nights dinner.

Of course, as soon as she finished recording, the comfort and ease melted away and her stomach tightened. She realized with a start that she was about thirty minutes away, give or take traffic or a hold-up from fans on the way out of the MBC building, from seeing a person she wanted very badly to look at and very powerfully knew she shouldnt. She waited patiently while Juhyun distributed signed copies of her album to the staff, greeting each and every staff member individually with an earnest and professional fashion that again made Taeyeons heart swell.

It was difficult not to see Juhyun as something between a little sister and a daughter. Logically, she knew there was only a two year difference between the two of them and that she, Taeyeon, was hardly mature enough to qualify as much of an older sister, let alone a mother, but her heart could not help but feel that way every time she looked at the girl she had watched grow up for eleven years.

Juhyun was in front of her suddenly, looking down at her with warm, placid eyes. Are you ready to go? She took Juhyuns hand, lacing their fingers together. Come on, theres a back exit to the parking garage, we can avoid the fans. Certain fans were unavoidable, though. A few of the girls who followed her were gathered around her Kia Amanti when they rounded the parking garage corner.

Taeyeon pressed the lock button on her keys just to hear it honk loudly and startle the fans. She smiled wryly; Juhyun nudged her, but Juhyun didnt live with the daily headache. Taeyeon opened the passenger door for Juhyun and let her in. One of the fans was standing at her elbow. Her head pounded suddenly. She slammed the door. Do you all want to get run over, she said softly, edgily.

She rounded the car and opened the drivers side door. Are you going to Jessicas? Usually she ignored them. Tonight the anxiety was scraping at the self-control she had worked years to build up. She rolled her eyes, spat, Dont you already know? With a roar of the engine, she peeled out of the parking garage, not bothering to make sure she had cleared them from in front of the car.

Undoubtedly they would follow. Undoubtedly a group of them were already waiting at Jessicas for her. She growled unintelligibly under her breath as she eased her car out into the Seoul traffic.

Juhyun put one cool hand on the side of Taeyeons neck. Unni, take it easy. They just want to rile you up. Why is it me. All of the other girls had stalker fans who occasionally followed them, showed up at their apartments in the hopes of seeing them, or followed them to various filming and schedules, but she was the only one with a dedicated group that followed her every move. She couldnt sneeze without one of them offering her a tissue, appearing from behind some circumspect hiding space.

One had cornered her in a public bathroom once. I dont know, Juhyun said thoughtfully. There are bundles of medium to large amounts, probably totalling hideously high digits. She plucks out a bundle and drops the bag onto the couch between them, making a soft thumping noise, and she flicks through the paper money with awe.

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I have no idea what is going on here. None of them seem likely to leave a lottery prize just lying around here like a bag of potatoes. What should we do?! We should contact each of the people who have access to this place and ask them if they left a brown paper bag here. If none of them left it here, we take it to the cops.

Got it? Now could you move? You keep jumping in front of my customers and my supervisor is going to be pissed.


The row of customers behind her barely conceal their relief, and she rests her hip against the counter to let her thoughts change track while Sunny takes orders.

Nothing so far from any of the people she has questioned. The back of her mind still burns with the image of all that money, slumping in that brown paper disguise. Sunny is her last stop of the day. Tiffany takes a bite of the fries Sunny forced her to download earlier, and wonders if Yuri has had any success. The strap of her bag brushes against the counter as she scrabbles through her pockets to get her phone.

Yuri answers on the third ring. She should be home then. She mulls over the idea of meeting this mysterious Taeyeon. She likes meeting new people. It might be important to them and they forgot it. A bunch of young people sharing a darkroom, a mysterious brown paper bag… it has to be drugs. Did you look inside it?

What if it was drug money? Tiffany, someone left it there. Did you even think you could find some form of identification inside?

Pretending not to have looked in the bag was not something she had thought through, because as Sunny said it would be a natural response. But perhaps there is danger. From this sequence, Tiffany rightfully deducts that she has been spacing out in the middle of a conversation for an impolite period of time. She whips out a smile and starts to back away.

Have a nice day at work! The money is still in her bag, and its presence is making her anxious. She returns the look with a raised eyebrow and then avoids eye contact. Yuri finally rings the doorbell. After a solid minute of silence, the door clicks open. There is Taeyeon. Her eyes widen at the sight of the girl, because this is not only the mysterious Taeyeon who probably owns the money but it is also the kind, sweet girl who gives money to the homeless at every opportunity and stumbles around town, distracted by something serious.

Hurricane Diarrhea

Taeyeon barely spares her a glance — although there seems to be something in her eyes when she looks at Tiffany; is the recognition somehow mutual? She turns to Yuri and gives a bland smile.

Tiffany thinks her voice is lovely. Just felt like hanging out. This is Tiffany; she shares the darkroom with us. Taeyeon returns it with some feeling, and they give each other a cautious nod of greeting.

After a stretched moment of quiet breathing, Tiffany rummaged in her bag and brought out the item in question, helpfully displaying it for Taeyeon. You just left.

Expanded oneshot by donkatsu. Taeyeon omg. Arranged Marriage trope. This was amazing though. That angst near the end of the first was heartbreakingly awesome.

Spank me, Ms. Taeng and Beach babe!

Fany lmao wut. AU that takes you completely out of the usual. Nuff said. Extra hot parts: But angsty. Tae and Sajangnim! Omo the cute puppy!!!!!!!! It hurts so goooooooooood. The one with the whole wedding shit. This was.

Fany is sexy. The butler was awesome too, lmao. All the fluffiness I could ever want. All the perfection TaeNy can ever be.

I fucking love it when TaeNy are both businesswomen. Not yet complete tho. I was burning the entire time. And some fluff. In a mischievous way. Wenrene is a blessing. It hurt me. But it was fluffy? Kinda has the same feels as the other Olympics AU. So cute. So REAL. A little painful but it was amazing. Sexy police AU. Sexy Bae Joohyun in heels police AU. This renewed my Wenrene heart. This was written in 10 minutes and my mind is blown.

Not to mention the sexy chapters are really good!!! Sweet and a little angsty and fits perfectly with the universe. Irene and Tech! Irene and Omega! Irene and Rocker! And I love how it was just a fluffy fluff of fluffiness. Maybe I screeched. Angsty heartbroken Wendy and Joy. But happy ending duh. They broke up but…as always…they still love each other. Yongsun works at a flower shop and Byulyi is really passive-aggressive.

Raspberry pi model b user guide pdf

Real feelings. Yongsun just…begging. I just. Yongsun and Officer! This was a journey. A well-paced, action-packed, triggered-fluffed journey. Yongsun is a dream. The story is so fucked up. But so goshdang good. Solar and Author! And their goddamn 6-inch pink friend. Holy jesus fuck this was so cute. The first non-smut JeTi fic I ever read and I get this gem!? Not explicit shit. JeTi in space. Cuz, like. My TaeNy heart is weak. Fluff but real life canonverse casual cute fluff. Tiffany and Jessica meet at a yard sale and do other things…like…swap saliva and suckers.

Cute af. There was some smex but eh?? Idk why but I was more taken by the whole Vampire! Fany and Human! Sica cutenezz.This was hot futa. Taeyeon sat in the recording studio, listening to the mastered version of the last song she had recorded.

Have a nice day at work! But also…. Or not Taeyeon shook her head.