The Lost Symbol: Featuring Robert Langdon (Robert Langdon series) by Dan Brown. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Famed Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon answers an unexpected summons to appear at the U.S. Capitol Building. Langdon recognizes in the find an ancient invitation into a lost world of esoteric, potentially dangerous wisdom. Like every other Dan Brown book I've read, The Lost. The lost symbol: a novel. byBrown, Dan, Publication date For print- disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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The Lost Symbol (EPUB | KB). The Da Vinci Again, follow the links to get the ebook and do leave comment to let me know how do you find it. If you'd want . Langdon recognizes in the find an ancient invitation into a lost world of esoteric, hidden chambers, tunnels, and temples of Washington, D.C., The Lost Symbol is an intelligent, Media type, Print (hardcover & paperback), eBook, audio book. dan brown lost symbol epub ebook, dan brown lost symbol epub pdf, dan brown lost symbol epub doc, dan brown lost symbol epub epub dan brown lost symbol.

In excess of five million books had been printed up and yet there were no reported leaks or rogue books appearing on Internet auction sites. Dan Brown had managed to deflect attention away from the real storyline, keeping people occupied with subjects that at best were only on the fringes of the novel. It was an incredible undertaking that guaranteed a huge amount of media and public attention on launch day.

So what did we end up with? The Lost Symbol is, in the end, a pretty good thriller, with a plot that keeps Robert Langdon on his toes and involves some big themes and historical enigmas. What Dan Brown has attempted to do is to write something akin to a hidden hermetic text between the lines of the novel. Indeed, the last ten chapters of the book and the epilogue are more or less an extended treatise on deism, hermetic thought and religious tolerance.

The Freemasons are the secret society of choice this time round. There are those who see in Freemasonry a secretive, covert and sinister movement, blasphemous and intent on power.

I see it in a rather different way. I personally am not a Freemason. Indeed, Ian Robertson, one of the chief researchers for this very book is a Freemason, as is my friend Chris McClintock, author of the soon to be published Sun of God series of books on the origins of the craft and its symbolism.

Neither of these two people are in any way sinister and nor are the countless other Freemasons whom I know and respect.

Whilst it must be admitted that Freemasonry is a secretive society, it is not a secret society. Membership is easy to research, and most members are not shy about letting you know that they are within the craft.

Since its heyday in the mid to late s, Freemasonry has attracted men of a certain social standing, but it has become a more welcoming group to join of late and I hope that this trend continues. Then again, maybe we are simply chasing shadows, wisps of rumour and supposition that have tormented us for millennia. Perhaps we have a fear of secret and hidden things that in the end are not so very secret or hidden after all.

Their contemporaries and peers would have been members and the craft would have been all around. It seems likely, for instance, that Thomas Jefferson, though we have no direct evidence of his membership of a Masonic lodge, did have sympathies with the Masonic ideals of brotherhood, enlightenment and religious tolerance.

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There are some 60 entries in all, which is less than in previous guides, and this was a deliberate decision. Here I wanted to be able to give you a much more in-depth look at some of the themes, places, people and groups that are featured in the novel. I hope I have succeeded in this task. I have aimed to bring you some of the history of obscure and hidden subjects in the pages of this book.

If you feel the urge to look deeper and delve further into some of the subjects highlighted here, then take a look at the bibliography and start to build your own library on esoteric and arcane subjects, though just be careful to actually sleep and eat while you become familiar with the ancient mystery traditions. If you want to talk about, debate, argue or expound upon any of the subjects in this book or the novel itself, then head over to my website at www.

If you want to contact me directly to talk about any of the issues raised, I have my very own Facebook page and can be found on Twitter too FindSimonCox. Writing this book was a lot of fun, and it has given me a newfound respect and admiration for the men who founded the nation of America at the end of the eighteenth century.

The Founding Fathers really were incredibly enlightened and forward-thinking men, and they guided the formation of the republic with steady hands and an unwavering resolve. I now look at them and that period of time in a new light. I hope you enjoy Decoding the Lost Symbol, and find its contents enlightening and interesting.

I pass it on to you in the hope that you will find it as fun to read as it was to write. Simon Cox September The world is going to end in To be precise, it will end on 22 December Or so say the burgeoning number of believers who are convinced that when this fateful day arrives it will be our last.

In The Lost Symbol, the character Peter Solomon discusses the prophecy of the enlightenment of mankind with a group of students, one of whom shouts out that this date is predicted as and this is revealed to be a prediction from Mayan mathematics. The roots of this prophecy lie in antiquity and in particular hinge upon an ancient Mayan calendar known as the Meso-American Long Count calendar. Put simply, the current cycle of this calendar comes to an end after some 5, years in December The Long Count calendar is divided into various cycles: a uinal is comprised of 20 days; a tun is 18 uinals, or days; a katun is 20 tuns, or 7, days; and, finally, 20 katuns are known as a baktun, , days.

We know that the Long Count was begun in August bc and, so far, we have progressed through well over 12 baktuns. More precisely, in the Long Count as of 17 September , we stand at Some scholars believe that the arrival of 13 baktuns, or a date of The number 13 was indeed very sacred to the ancient Mayans, not least because it represented the 13 major joints in the body.

It is also the number of times the moon orbits the earth during one of our years. One of the sacred Mayan calendars is the Tzolkin, a ritual calendar consisting of days, which matches exactly the duration of a human pregnancy, and was used to track Earth—Venus conjunctions. People set such great store by the Mayan calendars — especially the Long Count calendar, with its ominous indication towards the year — because the culture that created them was obsessed with marking time and was able to do so with remarkable accuracy.

Lawrence E. Joseph highlights this in his book Apocalypse The Maya love their calendars, see them as visual depictions of the passage of time, which is how life unfolds. They charted the unfolding with not one but twenty calendars, only fifteen of which have been released to the modern world; the remaining five are still kept secret by Mayan Elders. Mayan calendars are pegged to the movements of the Sun, the Moon, and the visible planets, to harvest and insect cycles.

This compulsive attitude towards time led them to make some incredible measurements. For example, they were able to calculate the orbit of Venus to within one day every 1, years.

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According to their detailed beliefs, we are currently in the fourth Sun, having progressed through three Suns in the past. The fifth Sun — if there is to be a fifth — will start on 22 December , which in the Long Count will be Literally, year zero. According to Mayan legends, our current age, the fourth Sun, actually began with the birth of Venus, in the year BC. In The Mayan Prophecies, Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell explain why this is significant in relation to As we approach the doomsday year of , which the ancient Mayans prophesised would be the end of the last age, one can only feel apprehension for the future of our Earth.

On the last day of the age, 22 December , the cosmic connections between Venus, the sun and the Pleiades, and Orion are once more in evidence. There are many who would assume that the ending of one age simply leads to the beginning of another. A number of academics believe that they have found within Mayan inscriptions dates that exist beyond For example, an event in the year is highlighted amongst the inscriptions found at Palenque in southern Mexico.

So, are these academics correct? Is the turning of the calendar and the arrival of If you side with the doomsayers who believe the world really will end in , then there are currently a lot of world-destroying scenarios to choose from.

Aside from the usual round of nuclear wars, threats from climate change or mankind-killing plagues, there are also a number of other contenders. Some theories suggest that what will destroy us all in is a polar shift.

The idea is terrifying. When this happens, it can be accompanied by a crustal displacement, a scenario where the crust of the earth moves across the inner core of the planet, shifting the poles over a vast distance and ultimately moving them nearer to the equator.

It goes without saying that such a movement would result in not only the destruction of most of the civilised world that exists on this thin crust, but also massive flooding, which would wipe out anyone and anything that had managed to survive the initial displacement.

Another popular theory is that the sun will flex her muscles and demonstrate her true power come Quite simply, the sun is not a stable celestial object; it is in constant flux, and the surface is not an even temperature.

Over time her power waxes and wanes, subject to cycles that are so complex we are still trying to map them all. The surface is said to be an average temperature of 5, degrees Celsius; however, areas that are much cooler, some 1, degrees cooler, develop due to strong concentrations of magnetic flux on the surface and appear as large black dots on the sun.

These are the areas that we call sunspots. A group of scientists, including S. Solanski from the Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research, published a report in Nature in explaining that, according to their data, the sun has been unusually active since Here we report a reconstruction of the sunspot number covering the past 11, years.

According to our reconstruction, the level of solar activity during the past 70 years is exceptional, and the previous period of equally high activity occurred more than 8, years ago. This is indeed a strange coincidence; the sun just happens to be demonstrating much higher than usual activity in the run-up to the Long Count end date of Will the sun play a pivotal role, and has it got a surprise in store for us on 22 December that year?

While there is no conclusive evidence that the sun will play a role in events of 22 December , we have to remember that the civilisation that devised the Long Count calendar spent a vast amount of time viewing the heavens and many of their calendars are tied closely to the sun.

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There are also large asteroids to consider. An impact similar to the one that occurred roughly Then there is the idea that our entire solar system is moving as a single unit through the inner space of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Some scientists hypothesise that our system could be moving into a much more active and unstable region of space.

Our sun and her planets, including Earth, could be at risk from these dangerous regions and it goes without saying that we would be totally exposed and utterly defenceless against such natural phenomena. Like gears in some vast and ancient machine, we have no control over where our planet — indeed, our solar system — is headed. That we have passed through such regions in the past is without doubt; the question is, did the Mayans possess knowledge of these celestial regions, and did they know the precise date when we would return through possibly deadly environs?

The undeniable truth is that one will happen again at some point in our future; however, is it likely that such an event is just a few years away? Having scared the living daylights out of everyone, it is now time to come back down to earth and try to look logically at where we are now.

All of this began because of a date contained in one ancient calendar. While it is without doubt a significant milestone, we cannot be certain that it marks an end time. In fact, many New Age writers suggest that, rather than the end of the world, what this date actually marks is in fact a rebirth. Many other people believe that the calendar will tick over with absolutely no drama at all.

It will be just a day like any other. The truth is that if we are basing our beliefs about the destruction of the world solely on the complex calendars of Meso-America, then we have a problem.

While fragments of the Mayan beliefs remain, we are missing a great deal. Therefore all we can really do is wait until 22 December If we do wake up that morning, we should make sure that we all celebrate, no matter what our beliefs.

Subjects such as make us realise how fragile the very existence of humanity is, and the truth is it is a miracle that we are here at all. That our entire civilisation exists on the surface of one tiny rock that is subject to all the dangers of the galaxy is cause for wonderment. The name is an interesting choice, as it encompasses both the name of Christ and the name of the demon Abaddon. In the New Testament, the Revelation of St John , Abaddon is the king of tormenting locusts and the angel of the bottomless pit.

In Revelation, he is said to have sent out his locusts at the sounding of the fifth trumpet. Upon the sounding of this trumpet, a star is said to fall from heaven to earth and this star is then given the keys to the abyss. When the abyss is opened, thick smoke issues forth, followed by the locusts, led by Abaddon. Abaddon is also associated with death and hell in ancient rabinnical writings, and in the Old Testament Abaddon is seen as a poetic name for the realm of the dead, Hades or hell see Job In other words, the name is synonymous with the underworld realm of the dead.

The Coptic Christian Church translates his name as Abbaton, and under this guise he is the angel of death. It is said that any man who venerated him stood a chance of being saved at the End of Days, and the figure of Abbaton plays an important role in the scenario of the Last Judgement.

In this guise, Abbadon can almost be seen as an Antichrist type of figure and this fits perfectly with the character in the book. He is the antithesis of his father.

The name Abaddon has been used extensively in modern popular culture. Even author J. Rowling, in her Harry Potter books, introduced a character using the Greek version of the name, Apollyon, who was a previous caretaker of Hogwarts School and someone who would punish the students. Not content to furnish the villain of the novel with just any old ancient knife of power, Dan Brown tells us that this is the most famous knife in existence.

We are also told that the knife has a long and chequered history, having been owned by Nazis, Popes and European alchemists, amongst others.

Furthermore, the scene takes place on a granite altar in the House of the Temple so we are left in no doubt that this is a re-creation of the fabled attempted sacrifice of Isaac by his father Abraham.

It is in the Old Testament, in the Book of Genesis , that we find the story that is itself called the Akedah, or the Binding of Isaac. He took two young men, together with his son Isaac, and headed for Mount Moriah.

Searching for The Lost Symbol Illus.- Dan Brown(free ebook in epub and site azw3 formats)

So it was that Isaac was spared and a ram was sacrificed on the altar instead. In addition, he is asking his father to slay him and, furthermore, this occurs beside the altar in a sacred temple. When Dan Brown writes that once again this blade would be used in a ritual of sacrifice for which it had been forged, we see how he has cleverly brought together all of these powerful symbols and references of sacrifice and set up this pivotal moment for maximum impact.

There is growing evidence that many cultures practised sacrifice and that often the victims gave themselves not only willingly but also gladly: to offer oneself as a sacrifice seems to have been a matter of great honour and reverence. Today, we can see how this conception of sacrifice still influences the behaviour of idealists who offer themselves without reservation as suicide bombers.

Many scholars believe that at the time of the Akedah, when Isaac was bound to the altar, he was no longer a child. Rather, various sources state that he was somewhere between the ages of 25 and 37, so he would have been perfectly capable of resisting his father if he had wanted to. The setting of the Akedah also has a special significance in The Lost Symbol. Mount Moriah is, to many scholars, the Temple Mount.

So Mount Moriah, the place of the Akedah, was not just the location of the attempted sacrifice of Isaac, it was also set to become the home of the holiest of ancient temples, upon which the Capitol itself was modelled.

In The Lost Symbol, one final intriguing attribute Dan Brown gives the knife of Akedah is the manner of its construction. We are told that it was forged of iron from a meteorite that crashed into the desert of Canaan long ago. Winter of the World. The Cuckoo's Calling. Robert Galbraith. The Martian. Andy Weir. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

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Speaking in Bones. The Survivor. The Burning Shore. All of these rumours were unsubstantiated and completely fanciful, of course, but they had free rein on the ever conspiratorial Internet sites that monitored the story and the rumour mill went into overdrive.

In The Mayan Prophecies, Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell explain why this is significant in relation to As we approach the doomsday year of , which the ancient Mayans prophesised would be the end of the last age, one can only feel apprehension for the future of our Earth.

The Pan Macmillan team in Oz have been great, too.