Deep Water - Jon Download ( MB) · English · 日本語 · Português (Brazil) · Deutsch · Русский · Français · Svenska · हिन्दी · Español · Norsk. and “Deep Water” way of thinking has lead him to believe that what does not make you Jon Andersen is one of the hardest working athletes. Deep Water - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. When Big Jon Andersen was a young boy, he was lazy, fat, and scared.

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Welcome to the world of Deep Water by Jon Anderson. In his own words Jon was a "fat, lazy, and scared kid growing up". Battling dyslexia and constant abuse. In continuing with my adventures into Jon Andersen's Deep Water training, I took on the intermediate program from his book, with a few. My name is Jon Andersen and I am so glad you decided to take time out of your day so For the first time ever, I have journaled the DeepWater Weight Training .

He knew he was onto something with his outlandish training style because his results were staggering. He was making gains he never thought possible while those around him seemed to be driving with their brakes on. Without hesitation, Jon applied his philosophy to the professional world of house painting. In , Jon started his first business.

In five years he had over twenty employees and was grossing over a million dollars a year.

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He figured that was a good time to sell and pursue his athletic career. He sold his company for half a million dollars. Deep Water will transform you and make positive changes.

Deep Water will continue to produce results as long as you are committed to the grind. Deep Water works if you are willing to do the work. Almost every training session with Big Jon is set up to be some kind of battle. Jon will construct handicaps and co-efficient ratios to keep everyone in the game. All you need to train with Jon is a good attitude and an open mind. Guts help, too. They are done with no rest except for the time it takes your partner to finish his rep. Ricky has a gigantic deadlift and great technique.

He is also a great guy with a huge heart and a no bullshit approach to training. Jon and him like to load up a pound barbell for this workout. When they go to battle, sometimes Jon wins, sometimes Ricky does. But every time they face each other, they learn and they grow. They have developed a trust and bond that few outside of the iron game can relate to. Often, the end of these high intensity battles results in a cool down set that turns into a portal and an opportunity to jump into Deep Waters.

Another favorite is tire flips. Almost no one can hang with Jon in this movement, so he devises ways to challenge himself while dragging others into Deep Waters. For example: Jon will flip a pound tire in a battle against two people. The first guy will flip it back to him and Jon will then flip it to the second guy. The other guy then flips it back to Jon giving the first guy time to rest, but Jon none.

For every flip his partners complete, Jon finishes two. Jon uses stair running, vertical jumping, power cleans, and squats to do Deep Water battles as well. Any exercise that uses multiple joints and complex movements is perfect. Strongman implements are particularly challenging and always fun. Using stones is a good way to go to battle. Load a heavy stone onto a chest level platform.

Unload it. Repeat to failure, last man standing wins. The results are undeniable. His results are hard to ignore. Here is a sample of what Jon consumes in a day: Post-workout, grams of whey protein 5: For Jon, the eating disorders stuck with him the longest, long after he had conquered his learning disorder, the weight room, and the rugby field.

Even after his successful business endeavors. Jon still ate like the fat kid in the Resource Room. He would hoard food. He would drink gallons of sugary sodas. He would drown himself in sweets until he had the sweats. One day he was watching TV after a hard workout. He had eaten more protein than anyone he had ever heard of, so he felt sure he had done all he could for his recovery. Now it was no longer about recovery, it was about comfort.

This was his secret time. As he watched mind-numbing crap on TV, he shoveled handful after handful of chocolate treats into his open gob. His brow was wet from the insulin spike. His heart was pounding and he was breathing hard, but his hand just kept returning to the bowl for another scoop.

His arm was like some giant flesh crane, dumping candy rocks into the vast quarry of his guts. At some point, the joy he was feeling was replaced by anxiety. The thought of stopping made Jon feel sad and empty. But the feeling of self-loathing for not being able to control himself washed over him just as his roommate walked in. His friend looked at him in disbelief.

How could this specimen have so little self-control? For Jon, it was a crossroads. Only now it was flesh. Both served as sources for energy and for muscle development. Carbs and sugar, however, served only one purpose: The results were fantastic. His body transformed almost overnight. Within weeks Jon was leaner than he had ever been and was still making strength and size gains. On the contrary, a good diet means you eat so much you will be sick of eating. Eating will seem more like a job than a source of pleasure.

When you are adhering to a strict Deep Water regime, you eat so frequently that you let go of your ideas about food. You will consume so much quality food that the idea that you need to cheat will seem ridiculous and difficult.

Food will no longer be in control of your life. Food that is chemical- and hormone-free. If it can see you, you should eat it. Eat a diverse range of flesh: This will give the body a complete protein profile and allow it to become a more efficient protein synthesizing machine, thus allowing you to recover and rebuild after taxing workouts. Eat plenty of fats. Energy from fat is efficient, especially when a variety of fats are consumed. Just like the protein profile, your body will recognize the essential fats fish oils, omegas, avocados, etc.

By balancing your protein profile and supplementing essential fats you are giving your body a better range of tools to get into and survive your Deep Water workouts. Make no mistake, you will eat some unintentional carbohydrates. Mostly in the form of protein shakes, avocado, nuts, and nut butter. Avoid peas, as they are high in sugar.

Drinking water is key to maintain liver and kidney health when utilizing a high-protein diet. If you weigh more than pounds, drink liters a day. If you are less than pounds, drink liters per day. Protein is much more anabolic than is generally thought.

You hear about only being able to absorb so much protein before you begin to waste it. That may be true. But the harder you train, the greater the demand for protein, and the more efficient your body will become at using the protein you put in it.

This is especially true if you are limiting your carb intake. Your body will find the energy somewhere: You just have to let it adapt.

But be aware: Most people want to see the gains, but very few have the mental fortitude and discipline to grind through the physical and mental stress that goes along with Deep Water dieting.

The only way to adapt is to become comfortable with discomfort. You can thrive on a no carb diet if you allow yourself to adapt. The body will be a more efficient fat burning machine with a balanced intake. Increase the frequency of meals, especially if you are exercising hard. If your body knows it will be eating more frequently it uses the fuel it has available. Your metabolism will speed up. You will recover faster.

Jon Andersen’s Deep Water Review

You will have a sense of well being and you will feel better. Think about the average American workday. Up early, maybe some coffee and a small snack, but usually no food at all. Eat again at lunchtime. By this time it has been hours since your last real meal. Your body is in survival mode. You finish the workday and gorge yourself on a carb rich diet because all you can think about is food. Maybe watch a little TV then go to bed with a belly full of food then wake up and do it all again.

This dietary cycle is the slow death and the worst possible scenario for a Deep Water lifestyle. Even though most of us are in no danger of starving, we eat like we will never eat again.

Whether we like it or not, our society has become obsessed with food. We are constantly inundated by millions of dollars worth of advertising telling us to consume massive amounts of crap. All around us are colorful, intriguing ads encouraging us to eat more shit for less money. Deep Water will teach you to choose foods based on their nutritional and performance value rather than slick advertising.

Eating a healthy, performance-based diet requires planning and discipline. Cooking for a few days at a time and storing the meals in the fridge is a great way to make sure you have food on hand. Just grab a tupperware container for every meal you will be away from the house.

If you are looking at a 9 hour workday, grab at least three protein- rich, pre-prepared, organic meals on your way out the door. You will be in control of the food you eat rather than the food controlling you.

You will look and feel better than ever. Deep Water dieting takes the guesswork out. You will have complete control over your lifestyle and the food you eat.

Jon is trying to get down that path faster than anyone else. The only way to do that is by providing himself with the necessary tools and materials to facilitate growth at all times.

Deep Water workouts are nasty, tough, and painful. They push you into a state of recovery that often lasts for several days. Your diet needs to reflect that. Take a double shot of protein immediately after your workout. Immediately after heavy workouts, there is a window for increased protein uptake.

In order to stay in a constant state of recovery, you need to maintain a regimented Deep Water diet. The human body is constantly adapting and changing. If you continue to overload a body in an adaptive state with protein it will become more efficient at using that protein.

The more you can digest, the faster you will recover and rebuild.

Deep Water will make you a more efficient protein converting machine. If you believe your body can only ingest thirty grams of protein per meal and you only eat thirty grams of protein for the rest of your life, do you think you will ever adapt to eating forty-five grams?

Or even sixty? No way. If you want to adapt you have to force it. Adaptation is violent. Your diet should reflect the intensity of your workouts. But none of that really matters. If you want gains, you have to get uncomfortable. The carbs will always call your name. If you adhere to a strict Deep Water diet your body will become a fat burning and protein synthesizing expert. If Jon is eating, he is eating protein. This was before Atkins and long before Paleo.

When he was thirty, Jon got a beef sponsorship that allowed him to consume five pounds of grass-fed beef per day. It is safe to say Jon Andersen has consumed four to six pounds of flesh a day for the last twenty years.

Deep Water is a daily routine. Jon will consume seven or eight meals a day, like clockwork, consisting of no less than grams of protein per sitting. With that comes a healthy supply of fat. There is no room left for carbs. Most of us, when faced with day-to-day choices, go for the pleasure lifestyle: Jon is in a constant state of recovery at all times. He is never not sore. The more protein he consumes, the faster his recovery from the grueling, Deep Water grinders that he puts himself through.

For Deep Water to be successful, this symbiosis between diet and training must exist.

Training at the intensity this program calls for, without proper protein replacement, is a waste of time, too. Jon enjoys his lifestyle. It brings him joy to know that he adheres to a unique regimen that produces drastic results. Portals are windows of op- portunity that present themselves when breaking new pain thresholds.

Jon Andersen’s Deep Water Review

Passing through a portal is like passing into a new world, a world where all of your goals are attainable and progress is inevitable. Passing through a portal is the moment in the workout when the body begins to manage pain more effectively. The big gains hide in the pain. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Identify your portals and jump through. When you learn to recognize and jump through portals, you are on the fast track to success. There are plenty of exercises that can get you into Deep Water. Compound movements that use as much of the body as possible are ideal. As a beginner, you will want to stick with more basic movements.

Back squats and deadlifts are perfect. Keep in mind that your body may feel overtrained. The goal is to feel like you can keep going past ten even though you are whipped. Your body is releasing endorphins that have a numbing effect on the pain. Once you learn to recognize them, you are on track.

These are portals to a whole new world of training and gains that you never knew existed: Deep Water.

Remember the portals? You are now going to start turning sets of ten into longer, more brutal work sets. Your goal is to learn to push your body past what your mind is telling you is possible. Your body is very resilient and is capable of more than you know. When that little voice in side your head tells you to stop, you need to get mad and keep going. Calm your mind, but never your body! Your ten sets of ten has now become a test to see how few sets you can do to achieve reps.

Keep in mind that even at this intermediate level, you are ultimately training yourself to operate in Deep Water. You are training the mind to stay calm even though the voice in your head says you are in great danger.

You are training the body to break through pain thresholds like they are made of glass. Most importantly you are training the two parts to work together even though they are in two completely different states. When you are in deep, uncharted water it is important to stay focused on the next rep. Not the next You can almost always get one more, then one more, and then one more again and again and again until you reach your goal. There is usually always one more and your mind can live with that.

Maybe, just maybe, there is more in the tank. As your thresholds increase, so will your ability to perform more complex exercises.

The intermediate stage is a great place to ad power cleans, front squats, clean and jerks, and some strongman implements. This method of training is something that you will benefit from immediately. However, you should always be pushing yourself into deeper water.

You will discover more about your version of Deep Water every time you get in. Keeping your mind calm will always be difficult. The bigger the goal, the tougher it is keep calm. In the beginner and intermediate programs, reps and sets are set up to do nothing more than teach you how to get in and how to recognize the portals and opportunities when they present themselves. As an advanced swimmer, you can use many different rep and set schemes. You can get into Deep Water on a set of five by turning a max set of five into seven or eight.

Or add weight and do a harder set of five. There are so many ways to better yourself. Just apply your new tools and set new standards. You have learned to make your body and mind work together to deal with extraordinary amounts of pain and punishment. You have stretched out your work capacity both mentally and physically. You are now able to harness and access more of your physical tools through mental toughness.

Ask yourself: What are you trying to achieve? Reaching goals is satisfying no matter what level you are. Advanced Deep Water is truly a state of mind. The challenge is being able to recognize and capitalize on the opportunities when the time is right.

Multiply your 1-rep max by. Multiply your hy- pothetical rep max by. Multiply your hypothetical rep max by. Burn the boats! On non-Deep Water days, work up to a max set of Dive into your portal and go to failure. Rest minutes. Get wet! Remember, Deep Water is not for everyone. It will stretch your limitations in ways you never knew possible.

This goes for the beginning swimmer and seasoned deep sea divers alike. Before long, you will have standards. You will begin to break new pain thresholds and weights you found heavy before will seem like toys in your hands. Set goals. Create challenges for yourself and your training partners to attack and conquer. Learn to spot your portals and know when to jump through them.

Set reasonable goals that will keep you healthy but push you into uncomfortable places. Find the comfort in the pain.

Here are some standards if you want to swim with the big fish. In fact, stairs are perfect for any athlete who wants to venture into unknown depths. Jon likes the Larkspur stairs. Anyone who has ever experienced them shudders when they are mentioned. Training with Jon is always an interesting experience.

Pushing yourself without any concern for the return swim, never leaving anything in the tank for tomorrow. Always testing your physical and emotional limits during a workout. It feels like hot lead has been poured into my glutes and quads. I am in Deep Waters.

The fact that I still get the invite every week is a testament to my willingness to push my workouts into the Deep Waters. That, or a testament to my stupidity. The week before, an Olympic weightlifter who I coach had begged Jon to let him join us. Emile Brock is a Muni bus driver and a strength athlete. He wants badly to break into the strongman scene and knows training with Jon is a great place to start. We all warned Emile not to eat breakfast and to come ready to work.

This is an exclusive club and Jon does not suffer quitters or whiners. In fact, he chooses his training partners carefully. He only trains with people he knows will push him and get the most out of themselves.

The program is five sets, skipping a step, full speed. There are over steps with a landing about half way up. One set takes about a minute. When the first athlete hits the landing, the next one starts. Get it all out so you can finish the workout.

I am close to barfing too. Jon gives him another chance. Push through the pain. You can tear up your dance card if you quit because you will never train with me again!

I am three sets deep and the lactic acid dump is crushing. There are also several other enthusiasts walking or jogging up and down for their version of torture including a beast of a powerlifter-turned-strongman named Ricki LaRocha and some skinny marathon types. One in particular has all the latest jogging gear on and is making cute remarks about the meat factory on the stairs. He had asked if he could join us. Jon said yes, as long as he does them our way. Ricki hits the landing so off I go.

By the time I hit the landing I am speaking in tongues and trying to remember my name. The second flight seems to have tripled in distance. By the time I approach the final stretch I am moving in slow motion, feebly pumping my arms and pulling my feet out of what feels like quick-dry concrete. Jon extends his giant paw to help me up. As I stand the nausea returns with a vengeance. Nobody likes to see or hear that when they are feeling sick themselves.

In fact, we are all having a good laugh, even me between hurls. All of us, that is, except marathon man. He is not happy. He looks bad, sort of green around the edges. As my puking intensifies, he becomes more and more uncomfortable. Jon recognizes it and starts to egg him on. Right about then, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell like a tree, face-first down the stairs, out cold.

There is a moment when we all look at each other and laugh in amazement. Then we spring as fast as our ruined legs can manage down the fifteen or so stairs that he has fallen before his face stopped his progress. His face is bleeding and bruised. Drowning, in fact.

He is still very shaky and could really hurt himself. As we drive him home, all I can think about is how grateful I am that he took a fall when he did, thus ending the workout. They might not even be tough for certain athletes.

But doing them the way Jon does them -with Jon- will push any athlete into Deep Waters. The anaerobic nature of climbing stairs means that the lactic acid builds up in the legs almost immediately. Stair training works both the aerobic and the anaerobic system. During the high intensity efforts, the anaerobic system uses the energy stored in the muscles mitochondria for short bursts of activity. Anaerobic metabolism works without oxygen, but the byproduct is lactic acid. By performing high intensity intervals that produce lactic acid, the body adapts and burns lactic acid more efficiently during exercise.

This means athletes can exercise at a higher intensity for a longer period of time before fatigue or pain slows them down. I have never seen Jon slow down. You can either go through the motions and barely finish, or you can bring all of your heart and resolve to a workout. There is a comfort in knowing you gave it your all. Something to lean on when the pain starts. For Jon, the pain is simply a marker; a buoy in the water, telling him there is more to come.

If you are able to push through, you find a portal where things still hurt and it still sucks, just not as bad. You just gotta keep digging. When drowning is the least of your worries.

Andre Shiskin is a Russian-born football player from Northern California. Everyone loves him. My daughter calls him Andre The Giant. You hungry? Big deal. I always eat before weights at school. Makes me feel solid! For me, training with big Jon Andersen is a very serious matter. With Jon, there are no easy or light days. Training with Jon requires a great deal of mental preparation, not to mention a significant amount of time blocked off for recovery, as well as food, water and restoratives close at hand.

Andre is new to this group. I always love bringing someone new to into the mix. Either they bring their A-game and get a key to the executive restroom or they flounder and drown in the Deep Waters. Regardless, it always makes for a good story and we all work harder. It could go either way with Andre. By the time we get to the dungeon, he has consumed two oranges, an apple, a banana, and a turkey and avocado sandwich.

His impressive gut is distended as he struts towards the platform. Danny is another athlete that I have been working with for years. He jumps at any opportunity to train with us because he knows he will be pushed into Deep Waters. Danny holds the CrossFit world record in the thruster lift at pounds.

He has also snatched pounds and clean and jerked pounds weighing about pounds. He looks like a super hero and brings intensity and resolve to every workout. Guys like Danny know the value of good training partners and a positive attitude. Jon is moving slow. I see that his Adidas weightlifting shoes are untied.

This can mean only one thing. He knows our only chance to beat him in this workout is if he is hobbled. The purpose is to skate the line between total physical breakdown and adaptation in order to push yourself into deep, dark waters. My last workout with Jon left me legless for days and almost killed some other guy. I was just now bouncing back. I have never known an athlete more comfortable with pain than Jon Andersen.

A perfect workout. Stop wasting so much time in the cardio section and starving yourself. That is not the way to gain muscle! Long gone will be the days of low self-esteem and hating what you see in the mirror.

This has been what allowed me to achieve the things that others only dream of! In fact, most of the athletes I work with are drug-free and I prefer working with them. They are able to see their true potential without using exogenous hormones. Let me tell you a little something about me. I used to get constantly bullied for being chubby and for the way I talked. Growing up so fat, I developed the lowest self-esteem imaginable.

I thought that everyone around me was better than me and that I deserved what I was getting.

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Although I hated every minute of it, I felt so worthless that I never thought there was anything I could do to stop it. I had fallen in the trap that most individuals on this earth fall into. Being complacent with what your current situation is and not doing anything about it. Yet I found myself extremely unhappy and without the ability to do anything meaningful with my life. I wanted answers. How come I had man boobs and did not have the body many chiseled guys had?

How can my DNA just forget what being a man is all about? The more I began researching about how I could change my life, the more I saw that the change had to occur within me. When I was in Grade 11 a huge pivotal moment occurred in my life. Soon after, I had a school powerlifting record and was squatting over lbs. My life began changing for the better. Girls started liking me, I started gaining tremendous amounts of muscle mass, my testosterone levels kept increasing and I was becoming one of the alpha males around my peers.

I began idolizing many great role models at the time like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. I would follow all their workout routines, their nutritional tips and exactly what they did. What really changed my body though was not necessarily their crazy routines that had me overtraining, but instead the fact that I did not want to let them down. Although these guys had no idea of who I was, I saw them as my idols. How was I going to maximize this ability?

If I wanted to maximize my results, I had to make a lifestyle change. I was majorly lacking 5 things that I had to learn in order to have the body I wanted. The bad news is that you too are probably lacking these 5 things. The good news is that I am here to tell you what they are!

Having a vision is crucial in developing the life and body you want. The mind is much stronger than the body and you must take the mind to the destination first before the body goes there. This is something that many people lack; a clear direction of where they are going. When I first did that lb. I wanted to be successful and motivate people around the world to do the same.

Solution: With the DeepWater Weight Training System we will take you on the journey necessary to clearly define your goals. Once we do this, we visualize it daily and constantly measure our progress. Reason 2 Lacking a plan! If you wanted to travel to a brand new country you have never been to, are you just going to download the 1st plane ticket and show up at the airport?

No, you plan ahead where you want to go and what you want to see in the allotted amount of time you have there. Most people live their life on a day to day basis with no purpose. Go up to people at your gym and ask them how many of them plan their workout ahead of time and why they do certain movements a certain way.

Every successful endeavor I have ever done has involved a plan. Solution: See your future as your destination, and if you want to have a body and mind you have never had before, you have to have a plan on how to get there. You also will need the proper direction, many people think that starving themselves and doing endless hours of cardio.

The DeepWater Weight Training System will show you the process that Jon uses to have his clients create a plan for success! Catuneanu et al. Beyond this, the All observation methods and platforms impact fish behaviour and consequently acoustic Gear manual - selectivity, how to measure and processing data Sally T. Jon Andersen is one of the hardest working athletes When Big Jon Andersen was a young boy, he was lazy, fat, and scared.

Deep Water is the overview of Jon's ultra challenging training protocols, unique Powerlifting A. Welcome to the world of Deep Water by Jon Anderson. GZCL Method. In continuing with my adventures into Jon Andersen's Deep Water Author content. Download full-text PDF In deep water areas there is also an increasing need to Andersen K.

John , and Ram B. Anderson , Ursula Witte. Marti J. Read the full text. Figures; Related; Information. A flexible method is needed for constrained ordination on the basis of any distance or Corresponding Editor: A. This was challenging like the beginner program, but in a different manner, and the results were still very awesome. November 25 Daily Thread : weightroom - reddit. I heard about it in one of Mythicals posts but it seems like it has very little buzz.

You can get the program in a free PDF but basically it's 4 days lifting, one day cardio, and uses 10x10 for the main lifts.

The amazing story of Jon Andersen. GZCL Method: Year Review : weightroom - reddit ; This is a subreddit for general weight training discussion, focused on intermediate level and above in experience and strength, for those ranging from strength sport competitors, sports that benefit from weight training, or weight training enthusiasts.

Content is copyright protected and provided for personal Jon is a pro wrestler over in Japan, and he lives the code and walks the walk. Another person who walks the walk does so with a limp.This is the first step; to learn that I am a human being just like you. His sets are gaining momentum. We will not allow this to happen to you!

Danny is pacing back and forth like a jungle cat waiting to pounce. He has separated himself from the throngs of other children. I do have to admit, I feel bad for the people who do not experience this! There are specific exercises required in order to build a strong discipline.

This has been what allowed me to achieve the things that others only dream of! The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico resulted in a deep-sea