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Click here to browse the books authored by Dr. BV Pattabhiram that are the book Meeru Maaralanukuntunnara - a Change Management book in Telugu. New Releases · About Us · Contact Us · Offers · How to Order · Mobile App · Sign in / Register · 0 items; Support: Home › sandmilgnigeco.gahi Ram . Telugu and Hindi movies are posted on request!! Post your COMMUNICATION SKILLS by sandmilgnigeco.gahiram. Posted by Good and useful to sandmilgnigeco.ga update other books. July 13, sir plzz add chanikya tanthra and some other books sir.

We need to explore the skills and update them according to the tunes of the situation.

Vinod Kumar They are called people skills because they are completely based on maintaining robust harmony with others, be it a work place or any place.

Pattabhiram, a renowned Psychiatrist maintains that soft skills cannot be seen, they will be felt. He compares the soft skills with a Compact Disc CD , where the Physical presence of the CD is Hardware; the stuff inside which we can see only when played is soft ware. The same way the physical appearance of a person is hardware and the software is the kind of nature a person possess like intelligence, spontaneity, anger, fear and so on.

Academics are important but the same are skills for the survival in the cut throat competitive world.

In the wake of Globalization the world has become a virtual village. There are no boundaries for knowledge, trade, and economy and so on.

Soft skills are beyond academics. Here is a well known story between an educated person and an uneducated but skilled person.

The educated person gets into the boat and the conversation takes place with the boat man Educated person wanted to show his knowledge and asked him Educated: Do you know about the Ramayana? From the above narrated story we can observe that academics are important but skills are also equally important. These soft skills cannot be learnt in any text books it is our own experience which teaches us the practical skills.

Soft skills have become a buzz word in the present corporate world and the importance cannot be over looked. Soft skills and hard skills or technical skills are complimentary to each other. As we achieve mastery over our language the same is with soft skills. One has to learn about these skills from the situations and the surroundings around one self.

Mostly one can learn soft skills from parents, teachers and some of the personalities they have come across. Impact Factor JCC : 4.

In most of the colleges there is scarcity of well qualified faculty and the problem gets arise from here. Even though the students have amazing ranks and percentage in marks he students lack in communication skills. Epictetus Communication skills are the most desired skills for the present day generation.

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Communication is not just enough, what makes the difference is effective communication. Communication also refers to listening and speaking. Most of the influential personalities are graced with the flair of effective communication. Some of them to be mentioned are Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln and so on.

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As most of the organizations prefer team work and synergy, the management is looking at the candidates who possess natural abilities like team building skills; decision making, interpersonal skills and time management are some of the most sought after qualities. Figure 1 Soft skills are multi dimensional. Whether a person is educated or uneducated soft skills are important. These skills distinguish one from others. The skills include communication skills, decision making, goal setting, establishing rapport, team spirit and team building skills, attitude, and creativity and so on.

Success depends mostly on attitude. It depends on us how we receive and respond to it. It is the bouncing back ability which helps a person to succeed and emerge as winner.

Attitude is the way of thinking and receiving the situation. A person with a positive attitude is a person to watch for all the seasons. There will be no difference in terms of their work. Innovation in the field brings about a lot of change.

The World is the Great Gymnasium where we come to make ourselves Strong. Sanskrit books online. About Kinige: Welcome to Telugu book world.

Dr.B.V.Pattabhi Ram

B V Pattabhirams. True Stories. Just because i dont talk to you anymore, doesnt mean that i dont l0ve you. Annapurna Publications Telugu Academy Dr. Series Book Details.

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BV Dt. Pattabhiram, noted psychologist and personality development trainer, who was invited for the programme that was organised by Rotary Club, Vizianagaram. It makes no pretense.

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It is a bundle of traits which make you a better person. B V Pattabhirams. Etiquette is earlier formed in the home where the parents are the first teachers and home is the first place of education. Chaitu Darling.